Aegis Weapon System Demonstrates Combat Readiness During Allied Exercise

Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Weapon System recently played a major role in the successful completion of the first-ever, three-nation joint Combat System Ship Qualification Trials (CSSQT), involving the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Gridley, the Spanish Navy frigate Mendez Nunez and Royal Norwegian Navy frigate Fridtjof Nansen.

This also was the first CSSQT to include three versions of Lockheed Martin’s SPY-1 naval radar family: SPY-1D(V); SPY-1D and SPY-1F.

During the CSSQT, the ships’ Aegis Combat Systems were evaluated for combat readiness through comprehensive surface and anti-air warfare exercises, including manned raids and electronic attack scenarios, as well as thorough testing of the systems’ tactical data link and air defense capabilities. The air defense testing was the culmination of the CSSQT, when the Aegis Weapon Systems on all three ships successfully engaged multiple missile targets. All three ships are equipped with Lockheed Martin’s MK 41 Vertical Launch System (VLS).

The Fridtjof Nansen’s participation marks the introduction of the SPY-1F radar system. SPY-1F is a smaller, lighter version of the SPY-1D radar system, providing robust performance with Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) and SM-2 missile capability on frigate and corvette-sized ships. The SPY-1F successfully detected and tracked all targets in Norway’s CSSQT air defense scenarios.

“In addition to unmatched capabilities against all threats at sea, these qualification trials emphasize the global interoperability Aegis provides the U.S. Navy and its allies,” said Orlando Carvalho, vice president and general manager of Lockheed Martin’s Surface/Sea-Based Missile Defense business in Moorestown. “The contributions of our industry partners, especially those in Spain and Norway, have been critical factors in the success of the production, testing and fielding of these ships.”

The Aegis Weapon System includes the SPY-1 radar, the Navy’s most advanced computer-controlled radar system. When paired with the Lockheed Martin’s MK 41 VLS, it is capable of delivering missiles for every mission and threat environment in naval warfare. The Aegis Weapon System is currently deployed on more than 83 ships around the globe with more than 20 additional ships contracted or planned. In addition to the United States, Spain and Norway, Aegis is the weapon system of choice for Australia, Japan and Korea.

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