AEUK Delivers First 15M Officer Training Boat to Britannia Royal Naval College

Atlas Elektronik UK (AEUK) has delivered the First of Class 15m Officer Training Boat (OTB) to the Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) in Dartmouth.

This is the first of eight OTBs to be delivered under a major contract placed with AEUK in 2017 for the supply and support of up to 38 Workboats for the UK MOD over a six year period.

Delivery of this first Officer Training Boat is the latest significant milestone achieved under this contract. These new Officer Training Boats represent a considerable technological progression over the existing fleet of P1000 Picket boats currently used for training at BRNC. The training facilities at BRNC are not only used by the Royal Navy (RN) but to also meet the training needs of many other international navies.

AEUKs design of OTB features a 13 person workspace with PC workstations and shock mitigation seating. Other features include an area for briefing that has a range of facilities such as a large screen for displaying charts and real time navigational data. There’s also an area set aside for recreational use. As with all other boats in the SEA Class range the OTBs are also fitted out with an IMO approved navigation suite that is fully compatible with the RN surface fleet. Berths, wet room and heads as well as a comprehensive galley provide a step change in operational range and capability over the RNs existing craft. The modular design and use of common components across the range reduces the required spares holding, training requirements and through life costs.

The remaining 15m OTBs are to be delivered to BRNC over the coming months. 15m Dive Training & Support Boats are the next variant of the modular SEA Class boats to be completed at AEUKs Horizon production facility.

Recently AEUK has also completed the delivery of ten 11m, highly capable SEA Class workboats to the Royal Navy which are now deployed in a variety of roles.

With a reputation for innovation, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK (AEUK) has designed the SEA Class boats to be easily reconfigured providing the flexibility to change the role of the craft, allowing it to perform a wide variety of tasks. The twin hull design gives stability while providing the ability to carry heavy payloads at speed. A twin engine and water-jet combination offers performance while allowing the boats to be operated in shallow waters.

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