Alion Awarded $29M Task Order to Support Joint Electromagnetic Warfare Center

Alion Science and Technology announces today that it is has been awarded a $29M task order by the U.S. Air Force to support the Joint Electromagnetic Warfare Center (JEWC) to provide Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Information, Analysis and Fusion (JEMSIAF) solutions.

The Joint Electromagnetic Warfare Center (JEWC), a subordinate component of United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), is tasked with providing engineering analytics, modeling, simulation, and assessments that support the planning and execution of Joint Force Commander (JFC) electronic warfare (EW) operations.

“Due to the rapid development of commercial and military electromagnetic spectrum dependent systems, and the increasing dependence of military operations use of the EMS, this pivotal program enables authoritative technical and operational information required to achieve EMS superiority,” said Todd Stirtzinger, Alion Senior Vice President and General Manager. “This is a key win for our team and a testament to Alion’s strength in ISR, EW, and cyber, and our ability to bring these capabilities together rapidly to address our customer’s joint, multi-domain missions in support of our national defense.”

This task order is to provide scientific and engineering research, analysis, and development accelerating the Government’s capability to provide the authoritative, validated, and verified data, information, and modeling required for JFC elements and service organizations to achieve EMS superiority and EMS control and to plan, direct, monitor, and assess EMS operations across all operational domains (air, ground, maritime, space, and cyber) and operational functions (e.g. intelligence, logistics, targeting, communications, and information operations). Alion will provide technical, analytical, engineering and operational level research, analysis, assessment and evaluation to build the framework for model object development using current EMS user community concepts and standards.

This task order has a 48-month period of performance and was awarded under the Department of Defense Information Analysis Center Multiple Award Contract (IAC MAC) issued by the Air Force Installation Contracting Center (AFICC).

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