Antonov Continues An-178 Production for Peru

Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer, Antonov continues to produce the AN-178 aircraft under the contract concluded by SFTE SpetsTechnoExport with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Peru.

As the developer reported on its website, the preparatory works for jig assembly of the aircraft’s fuselage have been completed.

The company has concluded the manufacturing of wings, central wing box, and empennage. Assembly of the front fuselage and the central fuselage are at the final stage in the production shop. Two engine pylons are ready for further integration into the aircraft.

“Under the quarantine conditions, as far as it is possible, we keep operation of separate production sites to continue an assembly of the aircraft according to the international contract. We continue to produce some individual parts and components in a machine-tool fleet. Despite the fact that the quarantine forces us to adjust our production plan, along with SpetsTechnoExport company we continue an uninterrupted work on logistical and financial issues, which is also an important component of any major international agreement”, – Oleksandr Donets, the President of Antonov Company, stated.

In total, 25 Ukrainian companies and about 30 European and North American suppliers are involved in the supply chain for the new An-178 transport aircraft. In order to arrange the performance of the contract, the Ukrainian major bank, as well as three foreign banking and financial institutions, are involved.

In November 2019, the SpetsTechnoExport company, which is a part of the Ukrainian State Concern Ukroboronprom, has signed a contract with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Peru for the supply of An-178 medium transport aircraft. The contract provides for the production and delivery of the aircraft for the needs of the National Police of Peru (Policía Nacional del Perú, PNP), with provision for training, aftersales service, and extended warranties.

The configuration of the aircraft ordered by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Peru allows it to perform transportation of personnel (100 persons), transportation of passengers (80 persons), cargo delivery (up to 18 tons), evacuation of wounded with medical assistance (40 people).

With the signing of the contract, Ukraine opens the Latin American market for a new generation of Antonov transport aircraft.

Antonov An-178
Antonov An-178

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