Aquabotix Unveils SwarmDiver Micro Swarm USV/UUV

UUV Aquabotix Ltd , an underwater robotics company with operations in Australia and the U.S., unveiled SwarmDiver, a micro unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) that operates in a swarm.

Multiple SwarmDivers can function simultaneously as a single coordinated entity, be easily controlled via one operator on the surface, and perform dives on command to collect valuable intelligence. SwarmDiverT is capable of synchronous vertical diving, is easy to deploy, and has a max dive depth of 50 meters.

Whitney Million, Aquabotix’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “This vehicle is a game-changer for both the industry and Aquabotix. Until today, there were simply no micro hybrid USV / UUV vehicles and no swarming unmanned vehicles with diving capabilities, commercially available in the industry. Aquabotix has changed that.

“Maritime swarming is rapidly becoming an area of focus for naval forces globally, and SwarmDiver leads a revolution in underwater technologies. SwarmDiver advances amphibious warfare tactics as it is engineered to handle dynamic operational situations, including Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions and sophisticated, coordinated assaults through tracking, trailing and overwhelming targets.

“In addition to defense and security applications, SwarmDivers can be deployed in research, harbour management and oceanography.”

The key details of SwarmDiver are set out below:

+ miniaturized — weighing just 1.7kg at a length of 75cm,
+ vertical dive capability,
+ ability to operate as both a UUV (diving underwater) and a USV (on the surface),
+ 50 meter dive-depth,
+ easily deployable and recoverable,
+ wireless data feedback upon surfacing,
+ high accuracy temperature (+/-0.1 degrees Celsius) and pressure sensor (+/- 2cm depth),
+ additional sensor payloads available,
+ multi-constellation GPS for +/-1m location accuracy,
+ deployable in groups for synoptic data gathering,
+ sustained surf zone operation, and
+ low cost.


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