Arquus Announces Production of 500th Bastion 4×4 Armored Vehicle

French military vehicle manufacturer, Arquus has announced the production of the 500th Bastion 4×4 armored vehicle at its Saint-Nazaire facility.

Bastion is a modular range of 12-tonne armored vehicles. Its chassis, developed on the ACMAT (Ateliers de Construction Mécanique de l’Atlantique) VLRA 4×4 base, offers a combination of tactical performance, robustness and simplified maintenance.

Bastion’s armored hull offers a large internal volume, as well as a protection against ballistic aggression, mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), according to the STANAG 4569 standard.

The vehicle is offered in two versions: armored personnel carrier (APC) variant or open-bodied 10-tonne PATSAS (PATrouille SAS) variant for Special Forces. The APC version can also be utilized as an ambulance, cargo carrier or command post.

Arquus Bastion 4x4 APC
Arquus Bastion 4×4 armoured personnel carrier (APC). Photo Credit: Arquus.

Numerous African and Middle Eastern countries procured the Bastion for their peacekeeping, reconnaissance forces and combat missions. These vehicles are also used by Special Forces units.

As part of the evolution of ARQUUS’ range, the Bastion is now offered in a new version, with a four-cylinder, 270 hp engine. This power increase grants the Bastion with new capabilities in terms of speed and obstacle crossing, thus upgrading its performance on all theaters of operations. This new version complements the classic 180 hp version.

ARQUUS’ (formerly Renault Trucks Defense) Saint-Nazairefacility has produced more than 1,350 vehicles this year, among which 1,200 VT4 liaison vehicles are for the French Army.

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