ATAC Takes Delivery of First Two Former French Air Force Mirage F1 Aircraft

Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC), a part of Textron Airborne Solutions, has took delivery of the first two former French Air Force Mirage F1 fighter aircraft, on June 27, at the company’s Adversary Center of Excellence (ATAC-ACE) at Fort Worth Alliance Airport in Texas, USA.

Since then, a steady stream of the sophisticated Mirage F1 aircraft – 13 to date – have arrived in the U.S. with additional deliveries planned throughout 2018.

ATAC’s purchase of the F1s marks the largest global sale of such aircraft to a private company. ATAC intends to upgrade the Mirage F1 fleet with sophisticated avionics and training systems in order to meet the training requirements of U.S. service men and women in future U.S. Department of Defense adversary air support contracts including the U.S. Air Force’s (USAF) Adversary Air (ADAIR) program.

In July 2017 ATAC purchased 63 former French Air Force Mirage F1 aircraft from the government of France. Included in the purchase were several million spare parts, ground support equipment and over 100 spare ATAR 9K50 engines.

ATAC-ACE began operating in February 2018 and has commenced preparations for future maintenance, operations and pilot training associated with the Mirage F1 aircraft. The ATAC-ACE footprint will ultimately include a new 85,000 square foot hangar, 185,000 square foot warehouse and various support functions.

ATAC currently provides advanced Adversary support at all levels of the U.S. Navy’s air-to-air training programs, from Fleet Replacement Squadrons to the Navy’s graduate level “TOPGUN” program.

ATAC also trains the U.S. Air Force, specifically in the European theater supporting the United States Air Forces, Europe (USAFE) with JTAC Training, as well as CONUS F-15 Operational Readiness Evaluations, “Red Flag/Northern Edge” exercises, and has been entrusted to provide support for Air Force F-22 Raptor crews.

ATAC leads the industry in providing advanced electronic warfare and electronic threat replication on tactical aircraft to include Digital RF Memory (DRFM) Radar jamming techniques.

The company operates a fleet of Mk-58 Hawker Hunter, Israeli F-21 Kfir, A-4 Skyhawk, and L-39 Albatross II military aircraft.

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