Atkins, Aeralis Collaborating to Develop New Suite of Jet Training Aircraft

Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, is collaborating with aircraft designer and manufacturer AERALIS to develop a new family of jet training aircraft using a patent-pending modular design.

The companies will design two types of modular aircraft – the Basic Trainer and the Advanced Trainer – which will provide training, from cadet to front-line pilot, for the most advanced combat aircraft systems currently in development.

Each aircraft will comprise a common core fuselage that will be fully adaptable using different wings and engines depending on the level of training being undertaken. It is expected that the acquisition and maintenance of the family of training jets will cost 30% less than a conventional flight training system thanks to the modular design affording an 85% commonality in aircraft parts.

Atkins will be advising on the design of the jets, using a digital twin to explore different design concepts for the fuselage and its interchangeable components.

Dave Clark, Aerospace & Defence Market Director at Atkins, said: “Our collaboration with AERALIS provides us with a great opportunity to help shape the development of cutting-edge aircraft design. Thanks to innovative tools such as a digital twin, we will be able to run virtual tests on the training jets before they are built to drive efficiencies and reduce the risks associated with aircraft design and production.”

Tim Davies, AERALIS Strategy Director, added: “The AERALIS team are looking forward to working with Atkins to build modular aircraft using innovative design processes that will motivate a new generation of young people to train in aerospace engineering, manufacturing and STEM subjects as well as follow careers in aviation.”

The training simulation that will be installed onto the training jets is currently being developed by AERALIS in partnership with THALES. Previously Atkins has also worked alongside THALES to deliver systems and safety assurance for the training centrifuge at the state-of-the-art fast jet pilot training facility at the Royal Air Force College in Cranwell.

AERALIS A Advanced Trainer

The A model is the flagship of the AERALIS family of aircraft and is developed for advanced flying training requirements of a 4th and 5th generation air force.

Powered by two Honeywell/ITEC F-124 engines and coupled with a swept wing, the AERALIS A aircraft delivers real-world military fast jet performance that will challenge any pilot to operate to the best of their ability. The avionics suite is unrivalled by any training aircraft today and features fully synthetic functionality of critical mission systems that extracts maximum output from every sortie whilst enhancing reliability and reducing cost.

AERALIS A Advanced Trainer Concept

AERALIS A Features:

+ synthetic RADAR
+ medium range missile simulation
+ short range missile (IR) simulation
+ synthetic radar warning receiver (RWR)
+ synthetic defensive aids suite and countermeasures system
+ synthetic surface to air missile (SAM) simulation
+ synthetic air threat simulation
+ enhanced electronic warfare training simulation
+ fully integrated synthetic targeting pod simulation
+ head-up (HUD) or helmet mounted display
+ enhanced lift-augmentation through manoeuvre flap/slats
+ glass cockpit
+ full autopilot

AERALIS B Basic Trainer

AERALIS B is an affordable one aircraft solution for air forces looking to train pilots for 3rd or 4th generation combat types.

Powered by a single Honeywell/ITEC F-124 low-bypass turbofan engine, AERALIS B delivers performance well above that of a turbo-prop trainer but at the same low cost, getting the student used to fast jet aviation from the start of their training.

AERALIS B shares 85% commonality of parts with its A and X variants (Bespoke / Aerobatic Team Jet) making through-life costs 30% cheaper than that of a competitor aircraft.

AERALIS B Basic Trainer Concept

AERALIS B Features:

+ HOTAS equipped
+ head-up display (HUD)
+ glass cockpit
+ full autopilot
+ digital moving map
+ stores management system
+ datalink (between AERALIS-family aircraft)
+ collision warning system
+ ground proximity warning system
+ RADAR altimeter
+ integrated AERALIS mission planning and de-briefing system
+ synthetic air-to-ground ‘no-drop’ bombing scoring system
+ designed for hardpoints for stores/fuel carriage

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