AUSA 2019: Rheinmetall Showcases MK93 Crew Served Weapons Mount Upgrade

Rheinmetall showcased its solution to the redesign of the U.S. Army’s existing MK93 Crew-Served Weapons Mount, with the Enhanced Crew-Served MK93 Mount Upgrade, at the 2019 AUSA annual meeting in Washington, DC.

The MK93 Mount Upgrade answers the challenge of redesigning the Army’s existing MK93 Mount with an upgraded solution that not only decreases the system’s weight but also improves weapon handling by soft mounting both the MK19 and M2A1 weapons with a Rheinmetall patented recoil dampening mechanism.

The MK93 Upgrade is designed to reduce recoil forces while minimizing the load on the supporting platforms. This increases the stability of the weapon system during firing, which greatly improves the probability of a hit (Ph). The improved handling of the weapon also enables faster engagement of multiple targets. The addition of the shoulder support and trigger system significantly improves the ergonomics of the system, making the weapon much easier to operate and control.

Through the improved MK93, Rheinmetall has been able to deliver several key advantages to the soldier including reduced recoil force and system weight; improved accuracy, probability of hit, target to target transition, and weapon control; and enhanced ergonomics. In addition to the MK93 Mount upgrade, Rheinmetall has developed supporting accessories, such as a breakaway shoulder bar and trigger mechanism to improve the overall “man-machine interface,” as well as the ergonomics to the operator.

The MK93 mount upgrade has been designed and manufactured by American Rheinmetall Systems in Biddeford, Maine.

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