Austal Starts Construction of U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ship Future USS Kingsville

Austal has started the construction of the U.S. Navy’s 18th Independence-class littoral combat ship, the future USS Kingsville (LCS-36) on Jan. 5.

The ceremony marking the first cut of metal took place at Austal USA’s module manufacturing facility (MMF) in Mobile, Alabama.

The future USS Kingsville (LCS 36) is named in honor of the city of Kingsville, Texas, and is the first ship to bear the name. The ship will be 419 feet long with a beam length of 104 feet and be capable of operating at speeds in excess of 40 knots.

The Independence-class LCS is a fast, agile, focused-mission platform designed for operation in near-shore environments yet capable of open-ocean operation. It is designed to defeat asymmetric ‘anti-access’ threats, such as mines, quiet diesel submarines and fast surface craft. The 127-metre high-speed trimaran hull warship integrates new technology and capability to support current and future mission capability from deep water to the littorals.

Excluding future USS Kingsville, four LCS vessels are presently under various stages of construction at Austal USA’s Mobile, Alabama shipyard. Assembly continues on the future USS Savannah (LCS 28) and USS Canberra (LCS 30) while modules for the future USS Santa Barbara (LCS 32) and USS Augusta (LCS 34) are under construction in the module manufacturing facility. The future USS Pierre (LCS 38) is under contract.

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