Australia to Arm its Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle with Rafael Spike LR2 Anti-Tank Guided Missile

Australian Defence Force (ADF) will arm its newly ordered Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicle with Rafael Spike LR2 anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

The selection of Spike LR2 as the primary anti-tank missile was confirmed by Christopher Pyne, the Minister for Defence Industry, and Marise Payne, Minister for Defence, in a statement released on Aug. 22.

Under project Land 400 Phase 2, ADF will acquire 211 Rheinmetall Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicles which will provide vital mobility, lethality and protection for the Australian Army. The Boxer will be manufactured in Queensland, creating up to 1450 jobs across the supply chain.

The Spike was selected after an independent comparative evaluation of potential missile options for the vehicle was conducted by the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group). The missile will offer long range, light weight, high resistance to countermeasures and higher technical maturity in the anti-tank role.

“The Spike missile is the best anti-tank guided missile for the Boxer” said Minister Payne. “It will give the Boxer the range and lethality it needs to fight and win the land battle”.

Varley Rafael Australia has committed to building the Spike LR2 in Australia, employing up to 70 Australians directly with hundreds more in the supply chain.

“This commitment by Varley Rafael Australia is a great vote of confidence in Australian industry, and will bring jobs and high-tech knowledge to Australia’s defence industry” said Minister Pyne.

Coming soon after the contract signing with Rheinmetall for the acquisition of the Boxer, this is the next step in delivering Australia’s future land combat capability.

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