Axon announces orders for 10,903 TASER X2, X26P Smart Weapons

Axon announced the receipt of multiple orders for its TASER X26P and TASER X2 Smart Weapons, on Dec. 5.

These orders were received in the third and fourth quarters and are expected to ship in the same time frame.

“Our customers are making an important move toward a world where every officer has the best technology and training to minimize the chances of a deadly encounter,” says Rick Smith, CEO and founder of Axon. “Many of these agencies are using our TASER 60 payment plan that provides a new, simpler alternative for allowing smart weapons to be a budgetary line item providing better financial visibility. Our mission is to make a TASER conducted electrical weapon available to every officer, so they have the best options ready to avoid injury or death.”

The orders include:

Arkansas State Police (AR): 405 TASER X2 Smart Weapons
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (NC): 1,743 X2s
Denton Police Department (TX): 180 X2s, Officer Safety Plan (OSP)
Evanston Police Department (IL): 100 X2s, TASER Assurance Plan (TAP)
Federal Agency (US): 1,135 TASER X26P Smart Weapons
Federal Agency (US): 264 X26Ps
Federal Agency (US): 150 X26Ps
Federal Agency (US): 111 X26Ps
Fort Smith Police Department (AR): 100 X2s and 100 TASER CAM HD Recorders, TASER 60
Hialeah Police Department (FL): 100 X26Ps, TASER 60
Honolulu Police Department (HI): 162 X26Ps
International Order: 117 X26Ps
International Order: 350 X2s
International Order: 1,001 X26Ps
Knoxville Police Department (TN): 420 X26Ps
Lewisville Police Department (TX): 154 X26Ps, OSP
Lexington Police Department (KY): 100 X2s
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Prince George’s County Division (MD): 125 X2s, TASER 60
Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office (NC): 350 X2s, TASER 60
Norfolk Police Department (VA): 350 X2s, TASER 60
North Carolina State Highway Patrol (NC): 375 X2s
North Las Vegas Police Department (NV): 200 X26Ps, TASER 60
Ontario Provincial Police (ON): 600 X2s
Pembroke Pines Police Department (FL): 260 X2s, TASER 60
Pennsylvania State Police Academy (PA): 422 X2s
Southfield Police Department (MI): 109 X2s, TASER 60
Stockton Police Department (CA): 300 X2s, TASER 60
Tucson Police Department (AZ): 200 X2s, TASER 60, 300 X2s, OSP (additional 250 X2s, TASER 60 shipping in year two)
Toledo Police Department (OH): 120 X2s
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (DC): 350 X2s, TASER 60


The TASER 60 is a new 5-year annual payment plan that integrates warranty coverage for an agency’s current TASER Smart Weapons, as well as on-site spares so officers experience zero downtime. The yearly payment plan allows agencies to reliably budget for their TASER CEWs during a 5-year period.

Officer Safety Plan (OSP)

Axon’s Officer Safety Plan combines our most popular products into one simple bundled contract. It has a 5-year term, and includes one Smart Weapon, one initial Axon camera plus two camera upgrades, full warranty, repair and replacement coverage, and unlimited storage.


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