BAE Systems-led team wins British Army vehicle support contract

A BAE Systems-led team, including Hobson Industries and Penman MW Engineering, has won a significant contract to provide Post Design Services (PDS) for the British Army’s Pinzgauer, Land Rover and Light Trailer fleets, which could be worth up to £12m.

The two-year contract will see the BAE Systems-led team, based in Telford, Shropshire, deliver support services to keep the vehicles ready for operational use at all times. There is also the possibility to make significant modifications, including the addition of a Roll-Over Protection System for both Pinzgauer and Land Rover.

Defence Minister, Harriett Baldwin, said: “This two year contract will ensure our soldiers continue to have the efficient and reliable vehicles they deserve, that can be adapted and maintained to work in any situation from combat training to patrolling theatres of conflict.”

Mark Durning, In Service Support Director at BAE Systems Land (UK), said: “BAE Systems and our partners were able to offer a cost-effective, low-risk solution for the British Army. We have been successfully supporting military vehicles for decades so we have the expertise to quickly understand technical specifications and develop an effective maintenance plan for any vehicle – even those we did not design and build. We now intend to offer this expertise more widely to other military customers using other platforms.”

Tackling obsolescence and vehicle safety improvements is another key part of the contract, which the BAE Systems led team has experience of delivering on other contracts.


Pinzgauer is a family of high-mobility all-terrain 4WD (4×4) and 6WD (6×6) military utility vehicles. They were most recently manufactured at Guildford in Surrey, England by BAE Systems Land & Armaments.

The vehicle was originally developed in the late 1960s and manufactured by Steyr-Daimler-Puch of Graz, Austria, and was named after the Pinzgauer, an Austrian breed of horse.

British Army Land Rovers

The Land Rover Wolf is a light military vehicle based on the Land Rover Defender.

The UK MoD designates the Wolf 90 as Truck Utility Light (TUL) HS and the Wolf 110 as Truck Utility Medium (TUM) HS. Where HS stands for High Specification. Land Rover calls it eXtra Duty (XD).

The British Army currently operates the Snatch 2 Land Rover and the RWMIK Land Rover.

Snatch 2 Land Rover

The Snatch 2 is a protected patrol vehicle, based on the Land Rover heavy duty chassis. Originally procured for use in Northern Ireland, it is now deployed to other theatres for general patrolling in low threat areas. There are three variants: Snatch-2 12v – training variant, Snatch-2A 24v – ‘rest of world’ variant – deployed in Afghanistan and Snatch-2B 24v – Northern Ireland variant.

It provides some degree of small arms protection for occupants and a limited level of protection from Improvised Explosive Devices and off-route mines.

The Snatch 2 can be fitted with Bowman and various communication suites. The vehicle is being extensively replaced by Vector and Mastiff.

RWMIK Land Rover

RWMIK (Revised Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) is a lightly-armoured, highly-mobile fire support and force protection Land Rover. It is manned by a crew of three, commander, driver and gunner, and it can carry a range of weapons including; the General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG), the Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) and Grenade Machine Gun (GMG).

The RWMIK’s maneuverability, firepower and relatively low profile make it suitable for a range of roles including reconnaissance, convoy escort and fire support. The RWMIK has the capacity to support itself and its crew over 800km.

BAE Systems

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