Bangladesh Navy’s Dornier 228 Aircraft Arrives at RUAG’s Facility in Germany for 72-Month Inspection

The first of two Bangladesh Navy (BN) Dornier 228-212 special mission aircraft arrived at RUAG MRO International’s production and assembly site at Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany for its 72-month inspection, on 26 May 2019.

The first aircraft was ferried from its home-base by a crew comprised of RUAG technical pilots and BN maintenance technicians.

The maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) contract was signed between RUAG MRO International, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the Dornier 228, and Bangladesh Navy at the Directorate General of Purchase (DGDP) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 03 April 2019. Commodore Zahir, Director Purchase Bangladesh Navy, and Michael Franz, Director Customer Support Dornier 228, RUAG MRO International, were on hand for the signing of the contract.

The contract ensures specialist maintenance, repair and overhaul support for the two special mission Dornier 228-212. According to the terms of the contract, RUAG is also set to use the 72-month MRO inspections to assist BN maintenance technicians with maintenance training for expanding their work experience.

The Bangladesh Navy relies on their special mission Dornier 228s to support surveillance and patrol flights for all aspects of maritime security, exclusive economic zone control, and search and rescue (SAR) operations.

“Our efforts in these naval and coast guard surveillance activities help ensure our nation’s safety and economic strength. Our mission schedules are rigorous, our flight plans demanding and availability must be guaranteed twenty-four hours a day,” explains Commodore Zahir, Bangladesh Navy.

“We are confident that entrusting these heavy inspections to RUAG is essential to secure the reliability and performance we continue to expect from our aircraft, as we focus on these priorities on behalf of the Bangladesh people,” he confirms.

“We are pleased to have Bangladesh Navy confirm their trust in us as a reliable partner,” states Michael Franz, Director Customer Support Dornier 228, RUAG MRO International. “Providing support for their aircraft enables their active operations for safeguarding their nation’s key resources.”

“We are in a unique position to offer comprehensive and integrated support services to Bangladesh Navy, as well as to all Dornier 228 operators,” explains Volker Wallrodt, Senior Vice President Business Jets, RUAG MRO International.

In fact, RUAG MRO International is an EASA approved Part 21J Design Organization (DOA) and, at the same time, is also the Dornier 228 Type Certificate (TC) holder.

“Our team of customer support, engineering and technical specialists apply their thorough Dornier 228 knowledge to provide mission-adaptable solutions, upgrades and full life cycle support services.”

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