Bell Delivers 412EPI Helicopter to PTDI as Part of Nine Aircraft Order from Indonesian Army

Bell delivered a Bell 412EPI helicopter to Indonesian state-owned aerospace company, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) as part of a nine aircraft order from the Indonesian Army earlier this year.

This is the 70th aircraft delivery from Bell to PTDI (also called Indonesian Aerospace). Dignitaries at the milestone event include senior leaders from the Indonesian Armed Forces, Canadian Ambassador Cameron McKay, US Deputy Chief of Mission James Dayringer and Singapore Ambassador to Indonesia Anil Nayar.

Under the contract signed between the Indonesian Army and PTDI, Bell will deliver the nine helicopters to PTDI, who will then perform customization work before final delivery to the Indonesian Army.

Bell and PTDI’s relationship goes back more than 30 years. In 2012, Bell and PTDI signed an Industrial and Commercial Agreement which enabled the two companies to expand their support and services in Indonesia to Bell helicopter operators. The agreement was subsequently renewed in 2016. In addition, during the celebration, the Indonesian Military Airworthiness Authority presented the Bell 412EPI certification to Bell.

Bell has been present in Indonesia for more than 50 years with an estimated one hundred and ten aircraft currently in operation.

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