Boeing Sikorsky Aircraft Support Receives USSOCOM Contract for Life Cycle Contractor Support of MH-6, MH-47, and MH-60 Helicopters

Boeing Sikorsky Aircraft Support (BSAS) LLC was awarded a contract by the U.S. Special Operations Command (USCOCOM) to provide life cycle contractor support for its fleet of MH-6 Little Bird, MH-47 Chinook, and MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

The indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ), firm-fixed-price, cost reimbursable contract has a ceiling value of $1.1 billion. Fiscal 2019 operations and maintenance funds in the amount of around $32.8 million will be obligated at the time of award. The obligated amount is scheduled to be awarded Jan. 1, 2019, when task order is scheduled to become effective, to support program management, field service representatives, sustaining engineering and spare and repair parts.

This contract is a non-competitive award and is in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.302.1. It has a seven-year ordering period and the majority of the work will be performed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Boeing Sikorsky Aircraft Support operates as a joint venture between Boeing Aerospace Operations, Inc. and Sikorsky Support Services, Inc. It provides logistic and engineering assistance to U.S. Army special operations forces.

MH-6 Little Bird, MH-47 Chinook, and MH-60 Black Hawk are special operations helicopters used by the U.S. Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160th SOAR), also known as “Night Stalkers”.

Boeing MH-6 Little Bird

Boeing MH-6 Little Bird (nicknamed the Killer Egg), and its attack variant AH-6, are light helicopters used for special operations in the United States Army.

Originally based on a modified OH-6A Cayuse, it was later based on the MD 500E, with a single five-bladed main rotor. The newest version, the MH-6M, is based on the MD 530F and has a single, six-bladed main rotor and four-bladed tail rotor.

U.S. Army MH-6 Little Bird
A U.S. Army MH-6 Little Bird Special Operations Forces (SOF) helicopter. (Photo courtesy of SOF AT&L)

MH-47 Chinook

MH-47 Chinook is a variant of Boeing CH-47 Chinook tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter developed for special forces operations.

The helicopter has inflight refueling (IFE) capability, a fast rope-rappelling system, and other upgrades.

The newest variant, called the MH-47G Special Operations Aviation (SOA) version, is currently being delivered to the U.S. Army. It is similar to the previous MH-47E, but features more sophisticated avionics including a digital Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS).

MH-47 Chinook - U.S. Army 160th SOAR (A) "Night Stalkers"
ADRIATIC SEA (September 21, 2009) – A U.S. Army MH-47 Chinook helicopter from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) – 160th SOAR(A) – “Night Stalkers” approaches USS Higgins (DDG 76) during exercise Jackal Stone 2009 to conduct a fast roping evolution. (US Navy photo by Chief Intelligence Specialist Louis Fellerman/Released)

MH-60 Black Hawk

MH-60 Black Hawk is a variant of Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopter developed for special forces operations.

The latest version is the MH-60M Black Hawk developed from UH-60M Black Hawk for the U.S. Army. It features the Rockwell Collins Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) glass cockpit and more powerful YT706-GE-700 engines.

MH-60 Black Hawk - U.S. Army 160th SOAR
A MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter flown by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) – 160th SOAR(A) – “Night Stalkers” comes in to land at Homestead Air Reserve Base, Fla, April 2013. (U.S. Army photo by SGT. 1st Class Alex Licea, SOCSOUTH Public Affairs/ Released)

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