Brazilian Army Completes Live Fire Demo of M109A5+ Self-Propelled Howitzers

The Brazilian Army completed a live-fire demonstration of M109A5+ self-propelled howitzers following the delivery of 32 combat vehicles from BAE Systems.

The event held in Santa Maria, Brazil, signals the introduction of the M109A5+ vehicles into the service. The vehicles offer advanced firing and survivability capabilities and are tailored to meet specific Brazilian Army requirements.

The live-fire demonstration showcased the M109A5+ howitzer’s advanced technologies for modernizing the Army’s artillery capabilities. It significantly reduces the time needed from target identification to firing over their previous systems, giving the vehicle a “shoot and scoot” capability for better battlefield mobility and improved survivability. This feature involves a digitized fire mission sequencing system, as well as enhanced position and navigation systems, commander’s display unit, digital radios and remotely actuated travel lock.

BAE Systems was awarded a $54 million U.S. Government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract in 2016 to provide the upgraded M109A5+ self-propelled howitzers to the Brazilian Army. Under the contract, BAE Systems has also been providing the Brazilian Army with technological know-how and support through the lifecycle of the delivered vehicles.

“The demonstration is a testament to the success of the longstanding supplier partnership between BAE Systems and the Brazilian Armed Forces,” said Steven Kelly, who represented BAE Systems at the event as vice president of international business development for Combat Vehicles. “In close collaboration with the U.S. Government, we hope to continue providing exceptional capability to the Brazilian Army.”

“BAE Systems remains dedicated to meeting the needs of the Brazilian Armed Forces by providing the best capabilities possible, and has a long-standing commitment to the country’s defense needs,” said Marco Caffe, BAE Systems’ general manager for Brazil.

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