British Army’s New AJAX Scout vehicle Undertakes In-Country Cold Weather System Trialling in Sweden

The British Army’s new AJAX Scout vehicle undertook in-country cold weather system trialling at Tame Ranges in Sweden, between Feb-Mar 2019.

Ajax is the British Army’s new multi-role, fully-digitised armoured fighting vehicle delivering a step-change in versatility and agility, being delivered by Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) through the biggest single order of armoured vehicles in a generation.

The trial was to provide confidence that the vehicle is capable of withstanding the varying environmental conditions the vehicle was subjected to a number of controlled climatic chamber trials. All requirements have been tested individually in these previous chamber trials; the in-country trial is a combination of these in a representative environment, with the inclusion of mobility aspects, ISTAR and firing trials.

The objective of the trial is to accumulate a body of evidence against the requirement set to complement sub-system test results and system-level (Cold Chamber) trial results.

Ajax, formerly known as the Scout SV (Specialist Vehicle), is a family of armoured fighting vehicles being developed by General Dynamics UK for the British Army.

The Ajax is a development of the ASCOD armoured fighting vehicle used by the Spanish and Austrian armed forces. The family was originally developed by Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeug and Santa Bárbara Sistemas in the early 1990s. Both companies were purchased by General Dynamics in the early 2000s.

In 2010, General Dynamics UK was selected as the winner of the Future Rapid Effect System contract with the ASCOD Common Base Platform, beating BAE Systems’ CV-90 proposal. The company was awarded the contract to provide the Ajax family of armoured vehicles in 2014.

The Ajax family will be procured in a number of variants, initially planned to be in blocks, with the first vehicles planned to be delivered in 2017 and full operational capability being established by 2019.

The six variants in the Ajax programme are Athena, Ajax, Ares, Apollo, Atlas and Argus, providing a full suite of medium armoured vehicles and capabilities. The new vehicle will give the army enhanced intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities.

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