Canadian Coast Guard takes delivery of new SAR lifeboat, CCGS Baie de Plaisance

The Canadian Coast Guard has taken delivery of its new search and rescue (SAR) lifeboat, CCGS Baie de Plaisance.

CCGS Baie de Plaisance is one of the six long-range SAR lifeboats currently under construction at the Forillon shipyard in Gaspésie. The ship will be stationed at Cap-aux-Meules in the Magdalen Islands, once commissioned.

The new Bay-class boats will replace existing lifeboats that are an average age of 18 years old, and will each be named after a Canadian bay. The CCGS Baie de Plaisance will be replacing the CCGS Cap-aux-Meules, which is currently serving the Magdalen Islands.

Once in service, these 20 lifeboats will provide essential search-and-rescue services for Canadians, including at-sea searches, response to at-sea distress calls, and help for disabled vessels.

These self-righting lifeboats can operate up to a distance of 100 nautical miles from shore.


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