China Sends 450 Military Medics to Wuhan in Coronavirus Fight

China has sent 450 military medical staff, including professionals who have experience in the fight against SARS or Ebola, to the novel coronavirus hardest-hit city of Wuhan, Xinhua reported.

The medics, in three teams sent by medical universities of the army, navy and air force of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), arrived in Wuhan by military aircraft.

The teams, composed of experts in respiratory health, infectious diseases, hospital infection control and intensive care unit (ICU), are being dispatched to the Wuhan hospitals with large numbers of novel coronavirus-related pneumonia patients, according to the military authorities.

The medics were mobilized from various hospitals affiliated to the military universities. According to the report, all of them “volunteered for the mission”.

“We sent our best staff in various clinical departments. They have rich experience in battling contagious diseases,” said Zhou Xianzhi, president of Air Force Medical University. “Some of them took part in major missions such as the battle against SARS and the fight against Ebola in Africa, as well as earthquake rescues.”

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