China to have 10,000-ton coast guard vessel in East China Sea by next year

China is likely to deploy its first 10,000-ton coast guard vessel to patrol the disputed waters of the East China Sea, where is currently has a territorial dispute with Japan who administers a small group of islands called the Senkakus (Chinese claim them as the Diaoyutai and Taiwan as the Diaoyu). This should begin next year according to Tokyo’s Yomiuri Shimbun.

The 10,000-ton patrol boat is still under construction in China. Beijing purchased 40 high-powered diesel engines from Germany to power those large ships referred as “monsters” in Japan.

Currently, the Japanese Coast Guard’s two Shikishima-class boats are the world’s largest patrol vessels. The tonnage of Shikishima and its sister ship, Akitsushima is 7,175. As for China, the largest patrol vessel is Haijian 50 with a displacement of 4,000 tons.

Since the serial number of the 10,000-ton patrol boat is 2901, the Japanese newspaper concluded that it will be deployed to the East China Sea Branch of the Chinese coast guard like all other vessels with 2 at the beginning of their serial number. The newspaper also pointed out that this new vessel is capable to carry a helicopter.

The construction of the vessel is almost completed, and the report said it is likely to begin its service with the Chinese Coast Guard next year.

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