China’s heaviest cargo drone, AT200 makes maiden flight

China’s heaviest cargo unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), AT200, has completed its maiden flight in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province on Oct. 27, Xinhua reported.

The drone stayed in the air for around 26 minutes, according to the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics (IET) under Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

The drone is based on the PAC P-750 XSTOL (formerly known as the PAC 750XL) manned utility aircraft developed by New Zealand’s Pacific Aerospace Limited.

The UAV has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of around 3.4 tonnes and can carry a payload of 1.5 tonnes.

It is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 313 km per hour, a flight range of 2,183 kilometers and a 6,098-meter service ceiling.

The aircraft can land and take-off autonomously with a required runway length of around 200 metres. It could be used to conduct freight transport in mountainous regions and on islands.

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