Chinese air force signs agreement to upgrade civil-military logistics integration

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force’s logistics department has signed an agreement with five Chinese non-military companies to upgrade civil-military logistics integration, Xinhua reported.

The five companies are SF Express, China Railway Express, China Postal Express & Logistics, Deppon Logistics and JD Logistics.

According to the agreement. the PLA Air Force and the companies will collaborate in transportation and distribution, storage management, supplies purchasing and others in the coming five years.

“As the military training develops and the scope of activity expands, the former logistics network of the PLA air force with limited manpower can no longer meet growing demand,” said Zheng Xuexiang, head of PLAAF logistics department.

Zheng added that the logistics department of PLA air force would continue to explore new logistics solutions, including using drones and more transport capacity from civil aviation.

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