Chinese Navy Launches 6th Type 071 Amphibious Transport Dock

China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s CSSC Hudong-Zhonghua (HDZH) Shipbuilding Company has launched the sixth Type 071 amphibious transport dock for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy at its shipyard, on Jan. 20.

The Type 071 (NATO reporting name: Yuzhao) provides the PLAN with capabilities and flexibility not found in its previous landing ships.

Type 071 LPD ships feature a unique hull platform offering a large dock space. The ship also offers a dedicated space for medical care and is equipped with a fresh water supply system. The stabilizers fitted to the vessel reduce roll and improve the stability in high sea states.

The Type 071 LPDs are powered by integrated combined diesel and diesel (CODAD) propulsion, controlled by an automated propulsion control system. The propulsion system integrates four Shaanxi 16 PC2.6 V400 diesel engines driving two controllable pitch propellers through twin shafts. Each engine produces a maximum power of 35,197kW.

The power-plant provides a maximum speed of 25kt and a range of 10,000nmi at 18kt. The maximum endurance of the vessel is 60 days.

The ship is armed with one 76 mm gun and four 30 mm close-in weapon systems (CIWS). The LPD is equipped with a Type 360 (Seagull-S) air / surface search radar operating on E / F-band frequencies, a Type 364 G-band air search radar, a Type 344 I-band fire control radar and a navigation radar.

The amphibious warfare ship features a vehicle deck, well-deck, landing deck and a hangar. It can carry a combination of marines, vehicles, landing craft and helicopters. The ship may embark 600 to 800 troops.

The stern helicopter deck offers two landing spots for supporting the operations of two Z-8 (SA 321 Super Frelon) transport helicopters. The twin-door cantilever hangar can house up to four Z-8 helicopters.

The well deck houses up to four Type 726 air-cushioned landing craft (LCAC), which can transfer vehicles or marines to the shore at high speed. The LCAC are launched by flooding of the docking area.

The vessel can also carry landing craft on port / starboard davits. The vehicle deck can house amphibious assault vehicles including ZBD05 amphibious IFV, and ZTD-05 amphibious light tank. The stern ramp, two side doors and ramps allow rapid loading of the vehicles and equipment.

The Type 071 may operate as the flagship of a task force. The Type 071 may also conduct and support humanitarian, disaster relief (HADR), and counterpiracy missions, in addition to amphibious assaults.

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