Chinese Navy training ship, Qi Jiguang arrives in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy training ship, Qi Jiguang (83) has arrived at the port of Colombo, Sri Lanka on a goodwill visit today (Nov. 10).

Sri Lanka Navy welcomed the visiting ship in accordance with naval traditions, upon her arrival. A host of officials from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Sri Lanka and Chinese nationals living in Sri Lanka were present on the harbour premises to welcome the ship.

During their five-day official visit, the crew members of Qi Jiguang are scheduled to participate in a number of training exercises and sporting events organized by the Sri Lanka Navy with a view to share professional expertise and strengthen friendship.

During the ship’s port call in Colombo, Rear Admiral Yan Zhengming, superintendent of the PLA Navy’s Dalian Naval Academy and commanding officer of the training ship’s ocean-going mission,is scheduled to call on vice admiral S S Ranasinghe, Commander of Sri Lanka Navy, and Rear admiral NPS Attygalle, Commander Western Naval Area.

The Chinese officers and sailors on the training ship will visit ship of the Sri Lanka Navy, exchange ideas with Sri Lanka Navy training officers, instructors, and cadets from Naval and Maritime Academy, take part in a friendly basket ball and soccer match with their Sri Lanka counterparts.

In addition, the Chinese side will hold a deck reception on the training ship Qi Jiguang, which will also be open to local visitors in Sri Lanka.

On completion of tour events, the Chinese ship is expected to depart from Colombo harbour on 14th of this month. The Qi Jiguang will then head for Thailand, the fourth leg of its four-nation visits to Portugal, Italy, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Qi Jiguang is the largest and most advanced training ship in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy fleet.

Designed and built in China, Qi Jiguang was commissioned into the fleet in February 2017 at the Lushun Naval Base, near Dalian, and is assigned to the Dalian Naval Academy.

The ship has a length of 163.5 m, a width of 22.2 m and a displacement of around 9,000 tons. The ship is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 22 knots.

The ship is lightly armed with a 76 mm single barrelled H/PJ-26 mounting on the fo’c’s’le and two 30 mm H/PJ-17 guns installed forward of the bridge. It also has a large flight deck but no hangar.

The training vessel has a crew complement of 549.

Sri Lanka Navy

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