Chinese Navy Warship Collides with Taiwanese Freighter in Taiwan Strait

An unidentified warship belonging to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy has collided with a Taiwanese freighter in the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday night, according to Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration.

According to the Coast Guard, the collision occurred around 20 miles southeast of Taiwan’s Kinmen island. Kinmen islands are governed by the Republic of China (Taiwan) and are located just off the southeastern coast of mainland China.

The Taiwanese ship, a bulk carrier named “Yutai No. 1”, sustained damage but none of its crew were reportedly injured. A Coast Guard patrol boat, PP-10053, escorted the damaged cargo ship to Liaoluo Port, according to local reports.

The coast guard said they managed to make contact with the Chinese ship suspected of being involved in the crash but the captain declined to assist in an investigation into the incident.

Even though the Chinese Navy ship was not identified by the Taiwanese Coast Guard, two PLAN ships were patrolling he waters near the Kinmen Islands on Wednesday night. One is a Type 071 amphibious transport dock “Longhushan” while the other ship is an unidentified cruiser.

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