Chinese PLA Air Force Aerobatics Team to Perform at Singapore Airshow

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force’s Ba Yi (August 1st) Aerobatics Team will perform at the Singapore Airshow upon invitation from February 5 to 18.

A total of nine planes and 100-odd personnel from the Chinese PLA Air force will take part in the airshow.

The August 1st or Ba Yi Aerobatics Team is an aerobatic demonstration team named after the date of the founding of the PLA (on August 1, 1927), and is a part of the PLAAF Beijing Military Region. The aerobatics team is based out of Yangcun Air Force Base (Meichong) near Tianjin, home to the 24th Fighter Division.

The unit was founded in 1962 and has over the years performed more than 500 times for delegations from 166 countries and regions. Its first show abroad happened in August 2013 during the Russian airshow MAKS.

The August 1st aerobatic team was initially equipped the fleet with JJ-5 fighter-trainer jets, a Chinese version of Russian made MiG-17. In later years the JJ-5s were replaced by Chengdu J-7EB, then again was replaced by the newer J-7GB (2001). There are about 8 aircraft in the fleet, but only 6 are set for any airshow.

In May 2009, the team upgraded their jets to the much more advanced Chengdu J-10 multirole fighter.

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