CNIM to Equip French Navy With 14 New Standard Amphibious Landing Crafts (EDA-S)

CNIM – in partnership with Socarenam, Mauric and CNN MCO – has been awarded the contract to replace the French Navy’s landing crafts. Fourteen new Standard Amphibious Landing Crafts (EDA-S) are to be built over a ten-year period.

This contract reasserts CNIM’s status as a key partner to the French Navy and a European leader in the area of amphibious operations, supplying the complementary innovative vessels: EDA-S and EDA-R (already in service in the French Navy, designed by CNIM).

“Winning this European tender reasserts CNIM’s status as experts in amphibious craft design. CNIM is to replace the French Navy’s existing landing craft with fourteen new Standard Amphibious Landing Craft, also called EDA-S”, notes Philippe Demigné, a CNIM Board Member.

These vessels will conduct amphibious operations from the well decks aboard Mistral-class amphibious assault ships (referred to “force projection and command ships”), carrying troops, military equipment or vehicles. They will be able to take part in logistics operations, depending on their location. They are also designed to evacuate citizens and recover air-dropped equipment during humanitarian missions.

Eight EDA-S craft will be assigned to the amphibious flotilla (FLOPHIB) based in Toulon, replacing the existing equipment transport barges (CTM). The EDA-S and EDA-R landing craft will be carried aboard BPC amphibious assault ships. The other six EDA-S will be deployed overseas, replacing various logistics barges.

The EDA-S and EDA-R are complementary in terms of mission capabilities and speed; they have similar load
capacities and are both able to conduct amphibious operations in very shallow water (<1m deep). The EDA-S is designed to carry 65 tonnes in its nominal load configuration, and has a maximum load of 80 tonnes, equivalent to the nominal load of the EDA-R.

Aboard a force projection and command ship, the French Navy can sail with either four EDA-S or two EDA-S and an EDA-R, as required.

Reprising a proven industrial framework and harnessing 10 years’ experience in the heart of French amphibious operations with the EDA-R, CNIM will design the EDA-S with support from the engineering consultants Mauric, a partner from day one. The Socarenam shipyard in Saint-Malo will build and fit out the EDA-S, and CNN MCO will provide maintenance services. CNIM and CNN MCO joined forces for this contract, “driven by a common goal of making the French amphibious fleet powerful and effective”, notes Philippe Demigné. As a result, the French Navy will have a single contact regarding through-life support for its EDA-S and EDA-R amphibious ships: CNN MCO.

When confirmed, the overall EDA-S programme (including design, production and through-life support) will extend over a ten-year period. It comprises a firm tranche, covering the design and supply of six EDA-S craft (20 months for the first two, and 18 months for the following four) and a number of conditional tranches covering the construction of 8 EDA-S craft as well as support services for the whole fleet.


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