Cobham Introduces New SPS-1000 Multi-Axis Gimbal System

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions today introduced a new multi-axis gimbal system for military applications such as counter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and air defense operations that offers the industry’s best combination of reliability, precision and affordability.

The SPS-1000 is Cobham’s next-generation sensor positioning system (SPS) that accurately acquires, tracks, and points a variety of sensor payloads in a harsh land, sea, and airborne environments. The new positioner maximizes the use of Military Commercial Off-the-Shelf (MILCOTS) components, leading to significant cost savings and lead-time reductions. Two key benefits of the SPS-1000 modular design approach are integral field-replaceable control electronics, which eliminates all external cables without any sacrifice in performance; and a reconfigurable design allowing for utmost payload flexibility.

“Cobham has a long history in developing multi-axis gimbal systems and a full range of high precision sensor positioning solutions,” said Jeff Hassannia, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Strategy and Technology, Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions. “Our new SPS-1000 is designed with the goal to provide customers with a cost effective solution that can be delivered to the field in less time, and with low cost of ownership. It is truly a hallmark of Cobham’s SPS Series of Precision Positioners and offers the industry’s best combination of performance, delivery and affordability.”

Utilizing over 25 years of field-proven expertise in electronic imaging, signal processing, control systems and systems integration, Cobham’s scalable, modular, lightweight sensor positioning systems can easily support payloads ranging from five to 2,000 pounds.

Designed to support payloads up to 150 pounds, the new SPS-1000 features brushless direct drive DC motors; absolute optical encoders; C-based firmware; as well as gyro stabilization/slip ring and customer I/O interface options.

The SPS-1000 is priced at less than $150,000 in small unit quantities and will be available in January 2020.

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