COVID-19 Outbreak Reported on Colombian Navy Corvette ARC Independiente

Several crew members of the Colombian Navy Almirante Padilla-class corvette ARC Independiente (FM-54) have been infected with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), according to local reports.

The vessel had sailed from the Naval Base ARC Bolivar in Cartagena on April 30 with 82 crew members to the Island of San Andrés to carry out a patrol mission. On the way, several crew members fell ill and the ship had to return to Cartagena.

According to a local report, the ship is at anchor in the bay of Cartagena since a week ago and 13 crew members appear to have been infected with the coronavirus.

ARC Independiente (FM-54) is the fourth and final Almirante Padilla-class corvette of the Colombian Navy (Armada Nacional de la República de Colombia, “Colombian National Navy”).

ARC Independiente (FM-54)
ARC Independiente (FM-54), an Almirante Padilla-class corvette of the Colombian Navy.

The Almirante Padilla-class ships, designated as Type FS 1500, were built by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) at Kiel, Germany. Two similar ships operate as the Kasturi-class corvettes in the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) service.

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