Diamond DA62 MPP Special Mission Aircraft Integrated with Safran’s EuroFlir 410 EO/IR Sensor Turret

Diamond Aircraft and Safran have launched a high-performance surveillance configuration of the Diamond DA62 MPP Special Mission aircraft integrated with Safran’s EuroFlir 410 EO/IR sensor turret.

The companies decided to invest into the new configuration following the concept of a European solution as a result of a top-level meeting during the Paris Air Show 2019. Within only a couple of weeks of teamwork regarding design and interface, the aircraft conducted its maiden flight last month.

The test flight program is scheduled for four weeks including high and low-altitude flights, tracking stationary, slow-moving and fast-moving targets, operator handling capabilities during long endurance missions as well as night capabilities.

“We are very happy to see that even such a large global company like SAFRAN showed full cooperation and flexibility during the super-fast first-article-installation on our DA62 MPP. This variant of camera has the performance and power to meet the top requirements of an EO/IR sensor, in specific the HD IR sensor supported by the super resolution function is a great feature”, said Markus Fischer, Director of Diamond Special Mission Aircraft.

“It was great to test an ITAR free high-performance camera and work together with a strong European partner. After getting used to the hand controller, it was easy to master the camera; the implemented software modes aided the steering of the camera well. The unique spotter scope showed and proved his power of detecting objects over long distances, by switching payloads so that the optimum information of the image could be gathered on long slant ranges. After intensive test flights the EF410 has proven to be an attractive state-of-the-art camera for our DA62 MPP”, said Stefan Haim, Sensor Engineer at Diamond Special Mission Aircraft.

The DA62 MPP (Multi-Purpose Platform) is a new special mission aircraft developed by Diamond Aircraft Industries based on the DA62 twin-engine light aircraft. The aircraft was unveiled at the 2017 Paris Air Show.

The versatile and cost-effective DA62 MPP platform is suitable for law enforcement operations, search and rescue missions, land, and sea border surveillance, disaster management, infrastructure, and environmental monitoring, airport landing systems calibration and more.

Euroflir 410 is a new generation, multispectral & ultra-long-range Electro-Optical/Infra-Red (EO/IR) sensor turret system developed by Safran Electronics & Defense. It provides ultra-long-range observation and precision targeting capabilities thanks to high-definition sensors and advanced embedded functions, all in a single line-replaceable unit (LRU).

The combat-proven Euroflir 410 is already used on the NATO Helicopter Management Agency’s (NAHEMA) NH90 helicopters and the French Navy’s AS565 Panther helicopters.

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