Dive Technologies Completes Build of Full-Scale Commercial Large Displacement Unmanned Undersea Vehicle

Boston-based Dive Technologies, Inc. announced the completion of the integration and build of their first full-scale commercial large displacement (LD) unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) platform, coined the “DIVE-LD.”

Founded in 2018, Dive is a venture-backed company that is re-imagining how UUVs are designed, manufactured, and deployed at sea. With a unique patent-pending technology platform, Dive Technologies’ UUVs are built specifically with inherent mission critical features that enable unprecedented range, endurance, and function flexibility for commercial, research, and defense clients. At-sea testing will commence this summer, followed by commercial and defense demonstrations, to include deep ocean testing.

Dive Technologies DIVE-LD Commercial Large Displacement UUV
Dive Technologies DIVE-LD commercial large displacement (LD) unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) platform (Photo: Dive Technologies)

“We’re thrilled to see the DIVE-LD come together after nearly two years of iterating on the design, prototyping, and lab testing,” says Jerry Sgobbo, CEO at Dive Technologies. “Our team has been focused on creating highly-scalable, truly open software and hardware architectures that together produced what we like to refer to as UUV 2.0. Our platform architecture promotes cost and schedule efficient design cycles and greatly reduces production costs as compared to other legacy UUV designs currently on the market.”

“Leveraging new proprietary designs and advanced manufacturing techniques as well as government, commercial, and academic partnerships, our team was able to accelerate the build of the DIVE-LD well ahead of schedule,” says Bill Lebo, CTO at Dive Technologies. “We’re excited to conduct deep-water LDUUV testing and ultimately get our commercial vehicle into the hands of our customers so they can experience the ease of integration and operation for themselves.”

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