ECA Group Awarded Support Contract for French Navy H2000 Diomede Work Class ROV

ECA Group has been awarded an In Service Support (ISS) contract by the French Navy Fleet Support Service (SSF) for corrective and preventive maintenance of French Navy H2000 “Diomede” work class remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV).

The H2000 ROV was supplied by ECA Group following a contract awarded by the French Defense Procurement Agency, DGA (Direction générale de l’armement, Directorate General of Armament), in 2011.

The ROV is being used by French Navy’s CEPHISMER (La CEllule Plongée Humaine et Intervention Sous la MER, Human Diving Cell and Subsea Intervention) unit for 2000 meters depth underwater interventions.

This service contract aims to guarantee the complete availability of CEPHISMER equipment, as it can be deployed anytime according to the needs of the French Navy. A high availablity (HA) contract states that any dysfunction shall be corrected within 48 hours.

Through this 2-year-long maintenance contract, the “Diomede” H2000 Remotely Operated Vehicle will undergo:

+ Major component replacement to ensure an extended lifespan of the product
+ Minor upgrades

H2000 is a Work Class ROV System developed by ECA Group of France for subsea inspection and assistance up to 2000 m depths.

The ROV is modular and easily configured and can be equipped with a variety of manipulator arms and tools, a wide range of sonars and any type of sensors. It is a ROV solution well-suited for Well, Mooring or Riser inspection and cleaning.

In CEPHISMER service, H2000 is called “Diomede”. The ROV participate in military missions such as assistance to a submarine in distress, search or recovery of aircraft, or search for objects at sea.

H2000 Diomede was used to perform a various range of missions, from inspection of wrecks to the lifting of several tonnes heavy objects up to 2000 meters deep.

Attached to the French Navy, the CEPHISMER is notably responsible for the implementation of human and material resources during operations or underwater interventions. CEPHISMER has many facilities to carry out its missions, ranging from remote-controlled vehicles (ROV) to scuba divers.

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