ECA Group Performs Maintenance Works on French Navy Underwater Acoustic Polygon

ECA Group has completed the refurbishment and technical upgrades on the French Navy’s underwater measurement polygon, designed to assess the signature of its fleet.

In early 2019, the ECA Group was awarded a contract to upgrade the polygon base settled in the French Riviera area. The system was handed back early summer after the upgrades.

Underwater acoustic and hydrophonic signatures expose naval forces to the threat of being detected, classified and localized by other Navies. So the need to equip the fleet with a performant signature management system to reduce the risk is important.

In the early 2000s, ECA Group was selected by the French defense procurement and technology agency DGA (Direction générale de l’armement) to study, design and install underwater measurement polygons for the French Navy, with the objective to assess and measure the efficiency of the signature management equipment installed on their fleet.

These systems were designed to provide the French Navy with acoustic and hydrophonic measurements taken underwater. By setting two polygons in front of each other on the seabed, it can measure the signatures of ships and submarines passing in between. Equipped with hydrophonic sensors, it also acts as a guide for submarines to locate the signature’s assessment area.

Such devices are able to perform precise measurement and transit the collected data for analysis. By assessing their own ships, the French Navy was able to upgrade the acoustic discretion of its fleet.

In 2014, satisfied by the reliability of this system, an extension was awarded to ECA Group, as a continuity of the first contract. This time, the objective, was to maintain in operational conditions the polygons delivered in the early 2010s, with rehabilitation works to be performed until 2020.

The system was handed back for operation in early summer.

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