ECA Group to Retrofit Static Converters on Four Peruvian Navy Type 209 Attack Submarines

ECA Group has signed a contract with Peruvian shipyard, SIMA and the Peruvian Navy for the replacement of the 16 units of 115V / 400Hz and 115V / 60Hz static converters aboard their four Type 209/1200 diesel-electric attack submarines.

The four Type 209/1200 submarines operated by the Peruvian Navy are BAP Angamos (SS-31), BAP Antofagasta (SS-32), BAP Pisagua (SS-33) and BAP Chipana (SS-34). The Navy also operates two Type 209/1100 class submarines – BAP Islay (SS-35) and BAP Arica (SS-36) – which were upgraded in 2008..

The strategic contract for ECA Group strengthens its market position for the retrofit of submarines particularly in South America. After the successes obtained in Asia in 2017, ECA Group confirms its position as a main player for the conversion of energy for submarines.

Peruvian Navy Type 209/1200 Modernization Project:

The contracts to modernize four U209-1200 submarines was signed with Israeli defence company, Elbit and the German submarine manufacturer, ThyssenKrupp in 2016.

The four submarines to be upgraded were built in the early 1980s at the thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) shipyard (earlier Howaldtswerke- Deutsche Werft GmbH, HDW) in Kiel and have been used by the Peruvian navy ever since.

The upgradation is being done by Peruvian shipbuilder, Servicios Industriales de la Marina (SIMA). The seven-year modernization project will keep the submarines operational for another fifteen years until the navy acquires new generation submarines by around 2035.

The modernization work will include hull separation and modernizing or replacing the command and control (C2) systems. Overhaul work will also focus on weapons systems, mechanical and electrical equipment, hydraulics, electronics and optical gear.

ThyssenKrupp will plan and oversee the work while also providing a technology transfer program that will include training Peruvian specialists and implementing welding equipment, measurements and quality control. Elbit has been brought on to modernize the boats’ electronic warfare (EW) capabilities.

The work was commenced in 2017 with the dry docking of BAP Chipana.

ECA Group Static Converters:

ECA Group provides static converters as a suitable energy conversion solutions for harsh environments such as inside submarines while ensuring a safety conditions for equipment and operators. ECA Group static converters equip several French Navy submarines and were also successfully supplied to other navies in South East Asia.

The converters provide local and remote control and monitoring. They have been designed with electrical and thermal protections for equipment and operator safety.

ECA Group designs Static Converter 20KVA-400 HZ and 60HZ for submarines, which are an advanced technological solution to replace existing rotary converters. The advantage of this solution is that it fits in existing submarine interfaces. It can be dismantled into several sub-assemblies for an easier submarine integration. ECA Group’s Static frequency Converters are in compliance with submarines’ Navy standards.

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