ECA Group to Upgrade Steering Consoles of Chilean Navy Scorpène-Class Submarines

ECA Group was awarded a contract to upgrade the steering consoles of Chilean Navy’s Scorpène-class submarines within the framework of the maintenance program.

This project allows ECA Group to strengthen its long-time collaboration with Chilean Navy on its fleet of Scorpene submarines (including the replacement of the static converters) while assuring to ECA Group a favored partner’s position for future projects, such as the modernization of the static converters of their Type 209-class submarines.

ECA Group’ steering consoles is a generic sea proven solution that manages the 3D motion of submarines, by controlling the diving planes and rudder. They are equipped with a high performance numerical autopilot enabling several control modes (automatic, manual and mixed modes).

Chile operates one of the largest fleet of submarines and warships in Latin America.

The Chilean Navy currently operates a total of four diesel-electric attack submarines including two Scorpene-class boats commissioned in 2005 and 2006 – SS-22 Carrera and SS-23 O´Higgins – and as well as two older Type 209/1400L boats – SS-20 Thomson and SS-21 Simpson.

The Navy’s modernization plan also includes the upgrade of the Type 209 submarines with some features of the Scorpene-class submarines including steering consoles and energy converter. The open and modular architecture of ECA’s steering consoles make it adaptable to any submarine design and additional functions increase the performance of the user.

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