ECA Group Wins €20 Million Contract in Naval Mine Countermeasures

France’s ECA Group has announced that it has been awarded a significant export contract to modernize robots dedicated to naval mine warfare.

This contract, worth around €20 million will last over 48 months and will allow the modernization of the mine clearance capabilities of the Navy of an undisclosed nation in order to improve their performance against sea mines.

For 50 years, ECA Group has been supplying navies all around the world with unmanned systems for underwater mine clearance. The company said in a statement that this new modernization contract confirms ECA Group’s capacity to push forward existing underwater mine clearance systems and bring them closer to the performance of the most recent ones.

In March 2019, Belgium selected Belgium Naval & Robotics consortium, composed of Naval Group and ECA Robotics, for the supply of 12 mine-hunting vessels, along with the payloads, to the Belgian and Dutch navies under a  two billion euro program. The contract for the procurement was awarded in May.

ECA Group has also recently received an order to supply the Lithuanian Navy with another batch of K-STER mine disposal remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to be used for mine countermeasures missions at sea.

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