Elbit Systems introduces SkyStriker loitering munition

      Elbit Systems has launched SkyStriker remotely operated, electro-optical, precise guided loitering munition at Paris Air Show 2017 in Le Bourget. It is designed to seek, locate and engage various tactical level targets.

      The electric propulsion of SkyStriker provides a low acoustic signature and enables covert low altitude operations. Due to its high flight speed capability, it can reach a distance of tens of kilometers within minutes. It can loiter and follow the target for up to 2 hours upon reaching the target area.

      SkyStriker, weighing 35 kg, offers quick deployment and ease of operation in the field, provides forces with the ability to observe and identify an enemy target before delivering a rapid precision airstrike. Its remote operation capability reduces operators’ exposure to detection or enemy fire.

      The system has high accuracy, long range and a long loitering time. The SkyStriker has a payload of 10 kg. Moreover, SkyStriker enables the operator to abort a strike up to 2s to impact, to re-engage and in case of lack of authorized targets to order a safe return home.

      Another Israeli manufacturer, Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) have already developed and delivered the Harpy, Harop and Green Dragon loitering munitions which is operated by various countries.

Source: Elbit Systems

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