Elbit Systems Teams with Leonardo to Develop Additional Torpedo Capability for Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel

Israeli defence major, Elbit Systems’ ISTAR division has teamed with Italy’s Leonardo to develop and demonstrate Leonardo’s lightweight and mini torpedoes launching capabilities from the former’s Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV).

The two companies announced the agreement at Exponaval (Valparaiso, Chile, 4-7 December).

The integration of the new torpedo will add to the Seagull’s capability to mount and launch light weight torpedoes

The solution will be based on the same architecture used for airborne torpedo launching systems. Operational with the Israeli Navy, Elbit Systems’ Seagull USV performed superbly in the Belgian Defence Ministry 2017 North Sea trials and has been participating regularly in international naval exercises conducting Mine Counter Measures (MCM) and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) missions.

Leonardo holds a strategic market position in the design, production and integration of torpedoes with over 30 Countries having selected its systems.

Elbit Systems Seagull USV

Seagull is a multi-role unmanned surface vessel (USV) manufactured by Elbit Systems.

The USV is powered by two diesel engines and has a maximum speed of 60km/h. It can continuously operate at sea for more than four days.

The Seagull USV is armed with a remote control weapon system (RWS) mounted with a 12.7mm machine gun. The USV also incorporates torpedo launching system and non-lethal weapon system.

The Seagull systems have superior mine counter measures (MCM) capability. This USV facilitates end-to-end mine hunting operations, including detection, classification, location, identification and neutralization of bottom, moored and drifting sea mines while taking the sailor out of the mine field.

The Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) capability provides the navy with a significant tactical advantage by effectively deterring and threatening enemy submarines using an available asset with significantly lower risk.

Featuring switchable, modular mission payload suites, Seagull can perform ASW and MCM, electronic warfare (EW), maritime security (MS), hydrography and other missions using the same vessels, mission control system and data links.

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