Elbit Systems to Deliver 1,000 Additional E-LynX Software Defined Radios to Swedish Army

Elbit Systems will supply more than 1,000 additional E-LynX Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems to the Swedish Army, the company announced in a statement.

The new order expands the participation of the company in Sweden’s tactical radio upgrade program.

Elbit Systems is the provider of the SDR network solution for the Swedish Army, for which serial deliveries started in 2018. The new delivery, which is to be carried out through the Elbit Systems’ subsidiary in Germany, will include the handheld and vehicle-mounted configurations of the E-LynX radio.

E-LynX radio systems facilitate advanced network solutions both in the open field and in urban areas. The E-LynX family of radio systems is designed with an open architecture approach, features advanced waveforms, and enables the adoption of a range of additional European and NATO waveforms.

The customer base for Elbit Systems’ E-lynx SDR systems has grown at a rapid pace recently. The company is the provider of current and future ground SDR systems for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and was also selected to supply E-Lynx radios to other modern armed forces including Swiss Armed Forces, Dutch Armed Forces and the German Army.

Haim Delmar , Executive Vice President and General Manager, Elbit Systems C4I & Cyber, said: “We appreciate the trust placed in our E-LynX solution by the Swedish Defense Materials Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Armed Forces. We are proud to be in position to support the Swedish army as it improves its network capabilities”.

E-LynX Family Software Defined Radios (SDR)

The E-LynX family of mobile tactical communications solutions is based on the most advanced Software-Defined Radio technology, supporting broadband data communications across maneuvering tactical joint battle groups. These software-defined radio (SDR) offer a secure and reliable tactical communications solution to all echelons – from the individual soldier on the battlefield to deployed headquarters.

Elbit Systems E-LynX Handheld SDR
Elbit Systems E-LynX Handheld Software Defined Radio (SDR) system. Elbit Systems Photo.
Elbit Systems E-LynX Vehicular SDR
Elbit Systems E-LynX Vehicular Software Defined Radio (SDR) system. Elbit Systems Photo.

The E-LynX tactical solution is a 4th generation communication solution provided by Elbit Systems, while maintaining compatibility with hundreds of thousands of CNR radio sold worldwide.

Comprised of the latest generation of multi band-channel-waveform tactical IP radio, the E-LynX family provides combat-proven MANET capabilities to a variety of platforms over any terrain type. Strong error correction algorithms eliminate the possibility of lost data packets and a salf-healing, self-forming ad-hoc networking capability ensures robus data communications of several megabits per second at adaptable bandwidths for an extensive rage.

The E-LynX family support several wave forms that can be easily optimized to customers’ demands, while supporting simultaneous voice and data transmission and distinctive automatic routing and relay capability that dramatically extends its reach even over harsh field conditions. Its mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) provides continuous IP networking connectivity throughout any mission.

The E-LynX solution, based on an extensive line of tactical radios, can be adapted to various platforms covering a wide rang of mobile tactical needs in support of current and future battlefield requirements. The line of radios include the PNR-1000 Personal Network Radio with full duplex voice conferencing supporting both data and voice transmission the maximizes communications dependability and range while minimizing the network’s vulnerability.

The MCTR-7200 is a multi-band-channel-waveform tactical IP radio, supporting triple-play and full mobile tactical network in all terrains and scenarios.

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