Embraer Completes Troop Unloading and Evacuation Tests of KC-390 Tactical Airlifter

Embraer successfully completed the troop unloading, evacuation by hatch and evacuation tests through the front and rear doors of the KC-390 multi-mission medium-size tactical airlifter at the Brasília Air Force Base, in Brazil.

The tests complied with the requirements for achieving the Final Operational Capability (FOC), which is the subject of the final military certification of the aircraft, due to occur in the last quarter of 2019. The tests were supported by the Brazilian Air Force as well as the Brazilian Army and involved approximately 370 military personnel, said an Embraer statement.

“By completing this important stage of the testing campaign toward final military certification with excellence, the KC-390 demonstrates compliance with the industry’s most stringent operating and safety standards,” said Walter Pinto Junior, vice-president of the KC-390 Program.

Embraer has recently received the Type Certificate from Brazilian aviation authority Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) for the airlifter. The ANAC certificate completed a fundamental step towards military certification of the aircraft.

Embraer KC-390 is a tactical airlifter designed to set new standards in its category while presenting the lowest life-cycle cost of the market.

The aircraft is the heaviest aircraft that Embraer has made to date, and will be able to transport up to 26 tonnes (29 tons) of cargo, including wheeled armoured fighting vehicles. It is powered by two IAE V2500-E5 turbofans generating 139.4 kN(31,330 lbf) thrust each.

The KC-390 is capable of carrying out various missions, such as transporting cargo, troops or dropping paratroopers, and aerial refueling, search and rescue, medical evacuation and aerial firefighting, in addition to supporting humanitarian missions.

The first production aircraft and third aircraft to be built first flew on 6 October 2018.

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