Escribano Mechanical and Engineering Presents New ASPIS Remote Weapon Station

Spain’s Escribano Mechanical and Engineering has presented its new development of ASPIS Remote Weapon Station (RWS) for land and naval applications.

The company claims ASPIS to be the lightest RWS on the market that can integrate a 7.62 mm automatic gun such as the M240 (FN MAG) general-purpose machine gun or the M134D Minigun with Gatling-style rotating barrel.

Escribano Mechanical and Engineering, in collaboration with Spanish company FERRI, has also developed a solution to improve security in military and coastal surveillance missions. The solution integrates the new ASPIS Station and the OTEOS electro-optical system developed by Escribano Mechanical and Engineering on the USV Victoria unmanned surface vessel developed by Ferri.

According to the company, the solution designed and manufactured with national technology for the automation and remote piloting of highly manoeuvrable vessels. The company says that the new solution can help the Spanish Navy and the Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) to improve security in the missions and for coastal protection.


ASPIS Remote Weapon Station
ASPIS Remote Weapon Station (RWS) developed by Spain’s Escribano Mechanical and Engineering. The RWS, in picture, is carrying an M240 (FN MAG) general-purpose machine gun (GPMG). Photo Credit: Escribano MEC.
FERRI’s USV Victoria unmanned surface vessel equipped with Escribano Mechanical and Engineering-developed ASPIS remote weapon station (RWS) and the OTEOS electro-optical system. The ASPIS RWS, in picture, is armed with a M134D ‘Minigun’ 7.62 six-barrel rotary machine gun. Photo Credit: Escribano MEC.

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