Eurospike Signs Framework Contract to Supply Spike Missiles to German Army

Eurospike signed a multi-year framework contract to supply Spike missiles and launchers to the German Army, earlier this month.

The contract was signed by representatives from Eurospike and German defence procurement agency BAAINBw in a ceremony in Koblenz Germany. Eurospike is the European Joint Venture between Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, and Germany’s Diehl Defence and Rheinmetall Defence formed to market Rafael’s SPIKE missiles in Europe.

The first order will provide 1,500 SPIKE rounds and hundreds of Rafael’s new Integrated Control Launch Unit dismounted missile launchers to the Army.

The German Army is already using both the dismounted portable SPIKE launcher, as well the as the vehicle-mounted launcher on the German Army Puma, Marder and Wiesel vehicles. The dismounted portable missile is designated by the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) as the Mehrrollenfähige Leichte Lenkflugkörpersystem (Multirole-capable Light Anti-tank Missile System or MELLS).

SPIKE is a cutting-edge precise, multi-platform, multi-mission and multi-range electro-optical missile family, with capabilities of fire-and-forget, as well as fire, observe and update, allowing attack of hidden targets.

Germany is one of 19 SPIKE users in the EU and NATO. Over 30,000 missiles have been supplied to international customers to date, with more than 5,500 SPIKE firings both in training and in combat.

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