Exercise KAMANDAG begins in the Philippines

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the U.S. Navy 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade will participate in the inaugural Exercise KAMANDAG from Oct. 2-11, 2017, at multiple locations on the island of Luzon, Philippines.

The purpose of this Philippines-led military exercise is to conduct bilateral exchanges between Philippine and U.S. forces to enhance the cooperation and interoperability between the Philippines and the U.S., consistent with the Mutual Defense Treaty and Visiting Forces Agreement.

The Exercise KAMANDAG will focus on enhancing counterterrorism capabilities, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities, and conducting humanitarian and civic assistance projects.

KAMANDAG is an acronym for the Filipino phrase “Kaagapay Ng Mga Mandirigma Ng Dagat,” which translates to “Cooperation of Warriors of the Sea,” highlighting the partnership between the Philippine and United States militaries.

According to statement released by U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM), Exercise KAMANDAG will increase overall U.S. and Philippine readiness, improve combined responsiveness to crises in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, and further reinforce our decades-long partnership.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and U.S. forces began preparing for KAMANDAG with a groundbreaking ceremony for humanitarian and civic assistance projects in Casiguran, Aurora, Philippines on Sept. 15, 2017.

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