EXPAL Systems to Supply Extended Range 155 mm Field Artillery Ammunition to the Spanish Army

The Spanish Army and EXPAL Systems have confirmed the recently signed framework agreement for the supply of extended range 155 mm field artillery ammunition over the next 5 years, at an event that took place at EXPAL’s stand at Eurosatory 2018 international exhibition.

The contract includes the delivery of high-explosive extended-range projectiles equipped with base bleed unit, modular propellant charge and EC-102 electronic fuse, developed by EXPAL in conjunction with the Spanish Ministry of Defense. This fuze extends the versatility of the rounds by having impact, time and delay operation modes under a single projectile configuration. All components of this round have been qualified according to NATO’s STANAG standards, as part of a partnership program with the Spanish Ministry of Defense (DGAM).

At the event, which included the participation of the Spanish Army delegation attending the show, Lieutenant General Ramón Pardo de Sanftayana, Head of the Spanish Army Logistics Support Command, stressed “It is a significant advance for the 2035 Force: we will immediately receive these projectiles with extended range and characteristics identified in the operational needs of the 2035 Brigade”.

For his part, Pedro Sallent, General Director of EXPAL, exposed the “the collaboration with the Spanish Army and the Ministry of Defense is key for the development and maintenance of strategic capabilities that allow the Spanish industry to meet the present and future requirements of the Armed Forces”.

EXPAL’s high-performance ammunition, which is already in service in armed forces in a range of countries, represents a significant improvement in performance compared to conventional ammunition, thanks to improvements in safety, precision and range, which now reaches up to 40 km. This type of technologically more advanced product needs very complex manufacturing processes that meet even the most demanding requirements. EXPAL counts with technologically advanced plants specializing in the manufacturing of the key components, in order to guarantee the highest quality, precision and safety.

The design of this high-value ammunition guarantees usage and compatibility in the different types of 155 mm howitzers. Furthermore, EXPAL has the capabilities and technologies necessary to offer this type of solutions with insensitive explosives, if the customer so requires.

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