Fassmer Delivers Three New Lifeboats to German Navy

German shipbuilder, Fassmer has delivered three new lifeboats to the German Navy (Deutsche Marine), the company announced.

The new boats, named Paule, Ludwig and Hotte, will join the Navy fleet next year. They will replace the rescue boats on the three Type 702 Berlin-class replenishment ships (Einsatzgruppeversorgern, EGV) of the Navy, Berlin (A1411), Frankfurt am Main (A1412) and Bonn (A1413).

The main reason for this replacement is the planned increase in the EGV crew to a maximum of 258 soldiers. The new boats is capable of rescuing up to 26 people.

They boats can be used lifeboat, rescue boat for personal rescue at sea and as a tender boat. They are powered by 370 hp and have a maximum speed of 32 knots.

The first of the three boats was delivered in November 2017. It was integrated with the launching device on the replenishment ship, Berlin, at the Norder shipyard in Hamburg.


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