FEINDEF 2019: Navantia, EXPAL and Elbit Sytems Present Tizona 30mm Unmanned Turret

Navantia, EXPAL and Elbit Sytems officially unveiled their Tizona 30mm unmanned turret offered for the Spanish Army’s 8×8 Wheeled Combat Vehicle (Vehículo de Combate sobre Ruedas, VCR) program, at the FEINDEF International Defense Fair held in Madrid from May 29 to 31.

The presentation of Tizona in FEINDEF confirms the agreement signed by the three companies in December 2018, which will allow both the production of the turrets and their future maintenance and updating in Spain.

According to the agreement, Navantia will lead the integration and manufacturing of weapons systems, artillery and medium-caliber weapons, while EXPAL will be responsible for the manufacture and testing of electrical and electronic subsystems, as well as its maintenance; Elbit Sytems, as a technologist, will support the start-up and qualification of the new production lines, and guarantees the low technological risk of the program.

If selected, Tizona will be integrated with the armored vehicle selected by the Spanish Ministry of Defense under the VCR 8×8 program, and will also incorporate other selected subsystems such as the Spike anti-tank missiles, coaxial cannon or smoke grenade launcher systems.

Tizona will be available in both the manned and unmanned version with minimal modifications and a high degree of commonality between both configurations, which would mean a significant reduction in costs for the Program.

The unmanned Tizona turrent has already been integrated into Piranha V vehicles of other NATO Armed Forces.

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