Finland to Extend Maintenance Agreement for Long, Medium-Range Surveillance Radar Systems with Thales

The Minister of Defence, Jussi Niinistö, mandated the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) to conclude an extension agreement on the maintenance of Medium and Long-Range Surveillance Radar systems with Thales LAS France S.A.S for 2018–2023.

The decision to extend the agreement was taken based on a proposal of the Defence Forces Logistics Command (Puolustusvoimien logistiikkalaitos, PVLOGL). The overall value of the framework agreement on maintenance for the years 2018-2023 is at its maximum EUR 20 million while its employment impact for the domestic defence industry will be over 60 person-years.

A statement from the Finnish Ministry of Defence said that the agreement supports the Defence Forces in maintaining air defence capacity.

Originally purchased in 1988, the Long-Range Surveillance Radar is a ground-based air surveillance radar system capable of detecting objects in distant and high altitudes.

Purchased from Thales in 2009, the Ground Master 403 (Finnish designation: KEVA-2010) Medium-Range Surveillance Radar forms the core of the Finnish Air Force’s transportable air surveillance radar system.

Sisu E13TP 8×8 military truck serve as platforms and support vehicles for the GM 403 radar systems. The basic system (without the vehicle) fits in a 20-foot shipping container and weighs less than ten tons, and is air-transportable with helicopters or C-130 Hercules aircraft. Finland procured this radar system jointly with Estonia which also uses the Sisu E13TP 8×8 platform.

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