Finnish Army to Acquire Six SISU GTP 4×4 Tactical Vehicles for Testing

The Finnish Army has announced the acquisition of six SISU GTP 4×4 light tactical vehicles from Oy Sisu Auto Ab for testing purposes.

Through the acquisition, the Army wants to collect information on the vehicle’s performance and usability for the future needs of the Defense Forces’ mobility, both in Finland and in crisis management tasks.

The Finnish Defence Forces’ Logistics Command decided on the acquisition on June 4. The total value of the contract, excluding VAT, is approximately EUR 3.8 million and the employment effect in Finland is directly about 10 person-years.

The six vehicles, which are equipped for use by the Defense Forces, are scheduled to be delivered during 2021. The vehicles will be tested in the Army under field conditions.

SISU GTP 4×4 is a modular armored vehicle family developed by Oy Sisu Auto Ab. The SISU GTP vehicles are suitable for most defense and security applications, e.g. as a troop transport, patrol and system vehicle.

SISU GTP 4X4 tactical vehicle. Photo: SISU Auto.

The vehicle technology of these armored products is based on mass-produced truck components. Therefore, the life cycle costs are low and the support network is extensive, ensuring the security of supply and maintainability both domestically and internationally.

The new variant of the vehicle is equipped with Mercedes-Benz OM926 engine and Allison automatic transmission which together provide the SISU GTP with the power and torque that are essential in the wide range of operational tasks that the vehicle is intended for. The new power train provides SISU GTP with more than 300 hp of power.

An independent suspension system and differential locks in each wheel give SISU GTP the mobility necessary beyond the paved roads, in severe off-road terrain, whatever the operational environment might be. The payload of the vehicle in off-road conditions is, which is subject to the chosen protection level, is up to 5000 kg. SISU GTP can be shipped by air (C-130 Hercules tactical airlifter), land and sea, being ready on arrival.

Modular vehicle structure allows operational-specific protection solutions: Protection level can be increased with an additional add-on kit or replacement components as necessary, also in field conditions.

SISU GTP 4×4 has also gained success in international comparisons, winning a procurement competition organized by the Latvian Ministry of Defense, in which initially a full dozen international military vehicle suppliers submitted their requests to participate.

The newly published acquisition of the Finnish Army enables the start of serial production of the SISU GTP 4×4 product family, after which Oy Sisu Auto Ab will be ready for large-scale deliveries of the product range.

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