Finnish Navy Relaunches First Refurbished Jurmo-Class Landing Craft

The Finnish Navy’s first fully refurbished Jurmo-class landing craft was launched in the Nyland Brigade last week, the service announced.

According to the Navy, the total renovation will increase the mobility and performance of coastal troops until the 2030s.

The Jurmo-class is a class of landing craft developed to replace the Finnish Navy’s Uisko class landing craft. The manufacturer Marine Alutech designates it as Watercat M12.

The main purpose of the vessel is landing and transportation operations for the Finnish Coastal Jaegers in all weather conditions. It has good maneuverability and can come to a full stop in only one ship length from top speed. Low draft makes it suitable for amphibious assault even in shallow waters. The Jurmo can transport 3 tons of cargo or 22 men.

A slightly larger and more powerful version, the Watercat M14, was delivered to the Royal Malaysian Police.

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